Restless MatterCobra Museum
Exhibition, Poster, Identity
For Cobra Museum

Do stones have feelings?

Do tree branches have an inner world?

Can paint think?
The identity for Restless Matter started with a careful observation of our relationship to matter and objects. How it looks like, what can be sensed, observed, heard, touched, to a micro level, the organic substance, and sub-micro, atomic level, when it becomes invisible. All the works were seen only through their constitutive matter.
We used a periodical table as a method to isolate and make a visual representation for the constitutive matter of each work in the exhibition. From solid to liquid: stone, vinyl, glass, wood, fiber wood, paper, sawdust, oil, water. Each element was transformed in a bacteria pattern, tiny little dots, representing sub-microscopical particles of different materials, and enlarged to compose overlapping panels, with wholes framing multiple surfaces.
The choice of typeface referred to 1960s scientific books with strong, systemized, simple sans serif typography system.